MCP Footwear in chennai

When you walk, it’s essential that you should not feel any specific pressure points in your planter region. Increased pressure points in the foot lead to callus formation which will eventually develop into corns. In Diabetic patients, these pressure points cause an increased risk of diabetic foot ulcers. To reduce, these kinds of pressure, Doctors suggested MCR (Microcellular Rubber) footwear to overcome pressure points. FootCure, one of the best manufacturers of MCP FOOTWEAR IN CHENNAI gives the best solution to these types of pressure. But MCR as such had few limitations like blowing of Sulphur increased the toxicity, Continuous wear increased the temperature and also MCR would get brittle quicker. MCP (Microcellular Polymer) was developed to overcome these Challenges. At FootCure, very few manufacturers of MCP FOOTWEAR IN CHENNAI produces footwear with Medical Grade MCP where the Shore index ideal for pressure distribution is maintained. MCP has individual micro cellular pores which help to absorb pressure and dissipate them, thereby reducing pressure points and its associated risks. MCP is time tested and widely recommended by Surgeons both as preventive footwear and therapeutic footwear.

MCP Ladies footwear

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