footcure brings remedy to every foot related problems you face.

Foot cure is the best service provider for diabetics’ footwear in Chennai.

About the Footcure

FOOTCURE was started on June 4, 2003, to minimize risks associated with foot by providing preventive & therapeutic footwear. For the last 15 years, more than 1,00,000 customers have benefited from our customized expert services. We cater to the patients coming with both general pains as well as complex foot ulcers. At Foot cure you can rest assured you are getting the best product for your feet from well-qualified, experienced, and service-minded orthotics.


  • Open in accepting the customer’s feedback.
  • The most appropriate solution for the customer’s needs.
  • Ever improving in the quality of product and service.
  • We take care of your foot.

Footcure’s Vision

  • To add real value to our customers.
  • To provide footwear solutions – that satisfy the customers are the best in the field.
  • To give scientific and advanced solutions at an affordable price.
  • To be pioneers in what we do.

Footcure’s Mission

Our mission is to have long-term association with our customers and help them to get the best footwear solutions. To partner with experts in this held to have constant improvement in the products and the services we deliver.

Patient’s a Year

Footwear Products

Footcure’s Services

Years of Experience

Diabetics Footwear in Chennai

Foot cure is a pioneer in the custom-made footwear business. Up to date, we have served more than 1,00,000+ satisfied customers. An experience of more than 18 years helps us to diagnose your foot bio mechanics and provide you with the footwear that suits you.
Foot cure is the best service provider for diabetics footwear in Chennai. They are popularly known for their quality.
Diabetics/Sugar shoes are extra depth, therapeutic shoes. They are specially designed to reduce the risk of skin breakdown (foot ulcer) in a diabetic patient with pre-existing foot disease.


Each foot that comes to the showroom is treated with care.

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