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Varicose veins can progress over time; learning what footwear suits you; and which stockings may be helpful; can go a long way in reducing your pain and other symptoms. FootCure helps in giving solutions for VARICOSE VEINS. Low-heeled footwear is best and will help tone your calf muscles. Intoned muscles, blood will move efficiently through the veins. High heels should be avoided, especially if they need to be used for long periods. Compression socks are likely to be prescribed for you by your doctor. Different degrees of pressure are available, and your doctor will prescribe a safe and effective stocking that will accommodate your needs. Socks come in varying lengths, colors, and sizes, and they are particular in getting treated for varicose veins in FootCure (VARICOSE VEINS FOOTWEAR IN CHENNAI)

Can you run with varicose veins?

As long as there is no pain, one can keep running even though they have varicose veins, but it is wise to consult a doctor. There are some steps to help yourself so as not to worsen the condition:

• Run on more shock-absorbing facades such as lawn, dirt tracks, fast tracks.

• Assure that the running shoes have sufficient cushion. If you have any doubt, consult your local expert shop like FootCure, one of the best manufacturers of VARICOSE VEINS FOOTWEAR IN CHENNAI. We will evaluate the level of cushion in your shoes and establish whether it meets your needs or not

• When you’re not running avoid standing or sitting still for long periods and aim to move around every 30 minutes to aid the circulation of blood.

Which is the Best Footwear for Varicose Veins?

The above question is a frequently asked question by many patients. While the type of shoes that you wear does matter, most experts in this field feel that the wearing of high-quality compression stockings is more critical to your overall health. Many women like to wear high heels. This high heel footwear is not recommended for people with Varicose Veins. For some varicose vein patients, wearing this shoe can call attention to any visible lower leg and foot afflicted veins. This wearing can result in undue embarrassment. Another reason to avoid this footwear is that they do not encourage the calf muscles to work.

What type of footwear should I wear if I have varicose veins?

While there are no specific shoes that are best for varicose veins, there are good and bad options. To start with what not to wear, avoid wearing high heels that are greater than 5cm. High heels affect your calves’ ability to pump blood back up to the legs and also restrain proper muscle function. This abnormal muscle function raises vein pressure in the lower legs and will lead to more pain in the lower extremities. Instead, opt for a lower heeled shoe. Lower heeled shoes help to improve circulation in your legs. Better flow means less pain and swelling from your varicose veins.

Can your shoe choice lead to varicose veins?

Walking in high heels places greater pressure on the balls of the foot and toes. The impact of this is less force behind the blood traveling from the calf muscles to the heart. This inefficiency can cause extra blood to pool in the legs’ veins, resulting in varicose and spider veins. FootCure, one of the best manufacturers of VARICOSE VEINS FOOTWEAR IN CHENNAI specializes in custom-made positive footwear that helps to reduce the impact of Varicose veins.

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